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Mackie International is US based distributor of freezable round snap Ice Pops produced under the Snowtime and Smart Ice brand names. We also produce single serve drinks and jellies under the same brand names. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. Our focus is on delivering the very best frozen treats, drinks and jelly’s this industry has to offer.

We strive to produce products kids and adults love

Today’s consumer demands a better for you product, we offer many products that are Non GMO, Non Fat, Gluten Free, using Real Cane Sugar not high fructose corn syrup in most cases. In addition, we offer All Natural products using only natural flavors and colors, some using 100% Fruit Juice. Some of our products provide other various benefits such as our Prebiotic Jelly Line.

We encourage you to keep checking in to see what new products are in store for you.