About Us

Mackie International Inc.

Great Quality Products Since 1986

Mackie International Inc. is a US importer and distributor of freezable round snap Ice Pops produced under the Snowtime and Smart Ice brand names. We also produce single serve drinks and jellies under the same brand names.

We are a family owned corporation located in Riverside, CA. who have been doing business in the United States since 1986. We have over 32 years of experience bringing top quality professional service to retail and wholesale partners in various markets all over the world.

Industry Leader For Over 32 Years

For over 32 years, Mackie International has developed new and exciting products specifically designed for the American, Hispanic and Asian Grocery Store Market.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide a wide variety of tasty treats, in fun shapes and sizes. Our cutting edge innovation, adaptability to ever changing market demands and customization skills keep Mackie International in tune with consumer trends and fresh ideas.

In addition, we pride ourselves in providing top quality products with an elevated degree of professionalism, customer service excellence, and loyalty. Being a leader in our industry, making great quality products and satisfying our clients is what drives us to produce delicious quality products.

Products Made With The Utmost Care And A Focus On Quality

Mackie International’s products are made with the utmost care and a focus on quality.

Mackie International’s main business focus is producing Shelf Stable Ice Pops and other kid friendly treats that are loved by both the young and young at heart. Our products are produced with the highest quality ingredients as we strive to deliver the very best frozen treats, drinks and jelly’s the industry has to offer. We continuously develop our product line to keep up with consumer demands and industry trends.

We offer a wide ranging product line that both kids and adults love, including our all natural products, and products that provide various benefits such as our Prebiotic line. Many of our products are Non GMO, Non Fat, Gluten Free, using Real Cane Sugar not high fructose corn syrup in most cases. In addition, we offer All Natural products using only natural flavors and colors, some using 100% Fruit Juice.

Mackie will make your product come to life

Mackie International has a strong private label, co packing division.

In addition to producing our own line of shelf stable grocery products, our private label department produces a variety of products for various grocers retailers, and private brands across the US.

We currently offer private label and co packing for round freezer pops, juice drinks and jelly products. All of our products are shelf-stable meaning that no refrigeration is ever needed for storage or transportation.

Not only will we pack your product for you, but we would be happy to help you formulate your desired flavor and taste. We will guide you from the beginning to the end and make your product come to life.