Mackie International Inc.


Mackie International

ice pops, Fruit flavored Drinks & treats
for kids and the young at heart!

Mackie International Inc. is a industry leading supplier of shelf stable grocery products in the United States. We are a family owned and operated corporation located in Riverside, CA with a rich history of developing superior quality products that have delighted both the American, Hispanic and Asian Grocery communities for over 32 years.

Our Products

superior Quality Shelf-Stable Grocery products for kids and the young at heart since 1986

Our Services

Private Label Solutions In addition to our own line of shelf-stable grocery products


Mackie Intl. is located at 7344 Magnolia Ave Ste 205 Riverside, CA 92504

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Ice Pops, Fruit Flavored Drinks and other Shelf Stable Grocery Products

Mackie International’s produces freezable round-snap ice pops, fruit flavored drinks and treats as well as other shelf stable grocery products for kids and the young at heart.

We pride ourselves in providing top quality products with an elevated degree of professionalism, customer service excellence, and loyalty.


Industry Leader
Great Quality Products

Being a leader in our industry, making great quality products and satisfying our clients is what drives us to produce delicious quality products;

and we strive to become better and better each day.